Oxford Global PLUS Pass

12 Months of Enriching Events, Knowledge-Sharing, and Community Access


Please note: PLUS Passes are unavailable to service and solution providers/vendor companies. Click here to explore our Vendor PLUS Pass.

The PLUS Pass includes:

You can secure your Plus passes either as an independent digital pass or as an enhanced attendee pass for any upcoming events. The enhanced pass offers additional perks such as catered lunches and a poster display. If you wish to book the Plus pass alongside an event pass, please complete your registration through our event registration links.

Our standalone digital Plus Pass provides an ideal means to stay informed and involved in the latest sector developments. With 12 months of access, you can:

  1. Stay abreast of industry advancements through on-demand presentations and content from various Oxford Global events.
  2. Delve into industry insights and commentary from influential figures.
  3. Participate in monthly science exchanges and guest presentations, connecting with peers and experts through our live and on-demand sessions on the Plus platform.